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Our Berkley Pub and Berkley Romance Influencer Programs are currently closed. Please check back here in the fall of 2023 for updates.📚


What are the Berkley Influencer Programs? 

Berkley offers two influencer programs. The Berkley Pub program offers digital review and finished copies of all of the books that Berkley publishes including romance, while the Berkley Romance program specifically offers digital review and finished copies of Berkley's romance titles. 

How do the Berkley Influencer Programs work? 

Approximately once a month, you'll receive an email from us with access to early digital review copies and finished copies of our books. Digital review copies via NetGalley will be our main method of ARC distribution, and you will be automatically pre-approved for the digital offerings each month. For finished copies, each month you will have the opportunity to select two books you would be interested in receiving, and we will do our best to honor your top choices. Please note finished (print) copies are limited. 

What are you looking for in an applicant? 

We're looking for active influencers with an engaged following. Ideally, we want someone who posts thoughtful reviews, shares their excitement for upcoming and new releases, and utilizes the various features and tools available on Instagram, TikTok, or their social media channel of choice. We do understand life happens and that the capacity in which you're able to post about our books will not always be the same. 

What are the requirements to apply?  

You need an Instagram or TikTok account, to live in the US, and to be 18 years-of-age or older. 

If I’m a current member, do I need to apply?  

Yes! We refresh our program every year, so even current members need to submit an application. 

Are the programs open to international influencers?  

Due to world rights and restrictions, Penguin Random House U.S. is only able to work with influencers within the 50 United States, and as such, the 2023 Berkley Influencer Programs are only open to applicants based in the U.S. 

How is Berkley prioritizing diversity and inclusion for their influencer selection? 

As an imprint of Penguin Random House, we publish voices reflecting the full spectrum of genres and the diversity of our world, and we want the influencers we work with to be a reflection of that. We strongly encourage BIPOC reviewers and reviewers of historically underrepresented groups outside of race or ethnicity to apply.  

Please note we take the privacy of our program members and applicants very seriously, and as such, we do not require data on identity and diversity for our database. If you are comfortable and want to share, we do invite applicants to self-identify as someone from a historically underrepresented community and to let us know if there is a certain type of book or voice they would like to prioritize on their platforms. 

As a member of the program, will I receive digital or physical galleys of your books? 

We are only offering digital galleys via NetGalley

What is a galley? 

A galley is an early version of the book.  

As a member of the program, will I receive finished copies of your books? 

Yes! Program members will have the opportunity to receive finished copies (aka print or physical) copies of our books each month. 

What accounts should I tag and what hashtags should I use? 

Please tag us at either @berkleypub and/or @berkleyromance. Also include #penguinrandomhousepartner OR #berkleypartner AND #berkleyIG in all posts. 

I missed the deadline to apply. Can I still work with you? 

Yes! NetGalley is our primary method of review copy distribution. We encourage you to browse our NetGalley catalog for titles you may be interested in and request an e-ARC, and be sure to check our approval preferences to better your chances of being approved for an e-ARC. 

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An industry leader in commercial and genre fiction, Berkley has a rich tradition of discovering new talent, defining emerging trends, and building authors and series into global franchises. Our expertise in women’s fiction, romance, science fiction/fantasy, and mystery/suspense makes us uniquely suited to introduce a new generation of popular novelists. TL;DR We publish fun books!

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