Find Your Inner Magic

Take the next step in your witchraft journey with these essential books

Inner Witch by Gabriela Herstik

Inner Witch

Gabriela Herstik

The ultimate guide to witchcraft for every woman craving a connection to something bigger, using the tools of tarot, astrology, and crystals to discover her best self.

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

The Crystal Bible

Judy Hall

A comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide to crystals, including their shapes, colors, and applications. The Crystal Bible is an indispensable reference for crystal lovers everywhere.

The Spirit Almanac by Emma Loewe, Lindsay Kellner

The Spirit Almanac

Emma Loewe, Lindsay Kellner

An essential companion for anyone seeking a deeper spiritual life. The Spirit Almanac will infuse your life with more joy, gratitude, and a deeper connection to yourself and our Mother Earth.

Bewitching the Elements by Gabriela Herstik, Alexandra Roxo

Bewitching the Elements

Gabriela Herstik, Alexandra Roxo

Empower yourself by connecting to the five elements through meditation, breathwork, tarot, crystals, rituals, and journaling

The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish

The Black Arts

Richard Cavendish

A concise history of witchcraft, demonology, astrology, alchemy, and other mystical practices throughout the ages.

Tarot for Change by Jessica Dore

Tarot for Change

Jessica Dore

Learn to use tarot to better understand yourself and navigate the full spectrum of the human experience.

Lighting the Wick by Sandra Mariah Wright, Leanne Marrama

Lighting the Wick

Sandra Mariah Wright, Leanne Marrama

An illustrated guide to improving your life through the simple act of lighting a candle.

My Crystal Journal by Judy Hall

My Crystal Journal

Judy Hall

Your personal guided journal for working with twenty essential crystals for balance and harmony in everyday life.

The Magick of Birthdays by Hannah Hawthorn

The Magick of Birthdays

Hannah Hawthorn

Celebrate your special day—and yourself—with simple rituals in this modern guide to ancient spiritual traditions.

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