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This is the dedicated Influencer FAQ page for titles published under the Viking, Pamela Dorman Books, Penguin Life, Penguin Books, The Open Field, and Penguin Classics imprints published by Penguin Random House US only.

While our influencer program is under construction, we invite you to follow @vikingbooks, @penguinbooks and @penguinclassics to learn more about new and upcoming releases, and email to request a review copy.

Learn more about how Penguin Random House works with influencers here.


How can I request a copy of your upcoming books?

Write to us via email at with your account handle, relevant statistics (follower count, etc.), and a little about yourself including your reading preferences. At this time, we are not accepting request/queries via DM, and ask you email us directly.

What is an ARC?

This stands for Advance Readers Copy. These are bound copies of proofs that substantially reflect the finished book but are minus proofreaders' corrections and final text revisions from the author. They are circulated to generate pre-publication buzz and are not for resale. The terms "ARC" and "galley" are used interchangeably.

What are the requirements to ask for a review copy?  

You need an active Instagram or TikTok account, to live in the US, and to be 18 years-of-age or older.

How are you prioritizing diversity and inclusion when distributing review copies?

We believe in prioritizing inclusivity among our reviewers. We value all forms of Diversity and Inclusion: race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, disability, sexuality, etc. If your identity or lived experience may be relevant to a title you are requesting, and you’d like us to know, please feel free to mention when reaching out. Please note, we do not store personal information, including that regarding race, gender, or sexual orientation, after influencers have been selected for each title.

I was selected and received an Influencer Review Copy! What now?

Yay! If you read and love the book feel free to join the conversation online but there is no requirement to do so.  If you do decide to post, please use one of these three disclosure options. Make sure that it's visible above the expand:

  • THANK YOU Please note free book: "Thanks for the free book" and tag the imprint.

  • PARTNER Tag the imprint and use the imprint's Partner hashtag: #VikingBooksPartner, #PenguinBooksPartner, #PenguinClassicsPartner

  • HASHTAG #sponsored

What if I don’t hear back or my request isn’t approved? 

Every campaign is as unique as the book itself, and limited review copies are available.  We invite you to follow our imprint social media copies to learn more about additional opportunities to win copies of our books:

Questions? Comments?

Write to us via email at!


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