Very Intentional Parenting

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By Destini Ann Davis

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Awaken the empowered parent within.

Parenting is no easy job! And if it's not approached from a place of compassion and understanding, it can be even tougherfor both you and your child. Destini Ann Davis wants you to know that you don't have to be perfect to be an empowered parent, just present. And if you approach parenting from a place of mutual respect and shared understanding, both you and your child will benefit from a stronger, more empowered relationship.

Destini Ann gets you started by helping you explore your own established beliefs about what parenting means to you and how your past experiences can impact your own parenting style. She then helps you understand four core principles of intentional parenting that together will help you create your own parenting toolkit. Once you've adopted these principles, she shares six gamechanging tools that can have a significant impact on your intentional parenting journey.

It's time to believe that there is a great parent within you, and if you work with your child instead of against them, you can make powerful shifts in your family that will create loving and lasting relationships with your children.

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About the Author

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Destini Ann Davis

Destini Ann Davis isn't a parenting expert, she’s a working mom who has learned it all simply by doing and listening, and reading every book along the way. She advocates for peaceful parenting and positive discipline techniques that encourage both the parent and child to connect and communicate. Her positive energy and upbeat approach to parenting has resulted in her TikTok channel growing to over 900K followers in just a few short months. Her approach to parenting isn’t clinical; it’s real life and focused on helping her followers become more peaceful and positive people so they can raise more peaceful and positive kids. 

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