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The Restorationists: Enter a World Where Wonder and Danger Lurk Within Every Canvas

A new middle-grade fantasy trilogy about the power of art for readers aged 8 to 12.

Beneath the Swirling Sky by Carolyn Leiloglou, Vivienne To

Beneath the Swirling Sky (The Restorationists, #1)

Carolyn Leiloglou, Vivienne To

A house full of paintings, a missing sister, and a family secret send a boy and his cousin into a world where art is the key in this fantasy adventure perfect for fans of The Wingfeather Saga and Pages & Co.

After an experience he’d rather forget, Vincent is determined to be done with art. So when he and his little sister, Lili, spend spring break with their art conservator great-uncle, Vincent's plan is to stay glued to his phone.

That is, until Lili disappears into one of the world's most famous paintings—Van Gogh’s Starry Night—and Vincent learns his parents have been hiding something from him: Their family is the last of The Restorationists, a secret society with the power to travel through paintings and a duty to protect them from evil forces.

With Lili’s safety on the line, leaving art behind is no longer an option. Vincent must team up with his know-it-all second-cousin Georgia and confront both his past and a future he never wanted. Can he overcome his aversion to art in order to rescue his sister, save the world, and defeat the Distortionists? Young readers are invited into a captivating universe where paintings become a portal, and adventure and danger lurk beyond every canvas.

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Praise for Beneath the Swirling Sky

“Colorful descriptions will send curious readers searching for images of the paintings mentioned, while discussions of art as a vehicle for the expression of truth and beauty add depth to a plot . . . [Vivienne] To’s expressive, delicately rendered illustrations enhance the text.”—Kirkus Reviews

“A delightful adventure, excellent for reading aloud. This book will make you want to study Van Gogh and get out the paintbrushes!”
—Sarah Mackenzie, founder and host of Read-Aloud Revival and author of The Read-Aloud Family

“What a timely tale of uplifting the good and slow work of art-making. Carolyn Leiloglou sets out to restore humanity’s fractured connection with history’s great painters, and she pulls young readers in so close to historic works of art that they can almost smell the paint.”
—Joe Sutphin, illustrator of the Wingfeather Saga, Little Pilgrim’s Progress, and the official graphic novelization of Watership Down

Beneath the Swirling Sky perfectly hits everything I want in a fantasy novel. It’s funny, smart, entertaining, and has a lot of heart, plus a well-thought-out magic system with real-world consequences. A delightful middle-grade adventure. Highly recommend.”
—Matt Mikalatos, author of The Crescent Stone

“This carefully composed story is certain to captivate and delight your creative kids.”
—S. D. Smith, author of the Green Ember series

Beneath the Swirling Sky, Carolyn Leiloglou, captures the magical feeling you get as a child the first time you stand before a masterpiece. With a deft stroke, Leiloglou sweeps young readers right into Van Gogh’s Starry Night and then takes them on an adventure that not only entertains but also celebrates the value of art and the making of it.”
—Amanda Cleary Eastep, author of the Tree Street Kids series

 “A truly absorbing tale that drew me into the colorful and mysterious world, kindling my imagination—and heart—all along the way.”
—Scott James, author of The SowerThe Littlest WatchmanThe Expected One, and Where Is Wisdom?

 “A captivating story that paints relatable childhood struggles against a background of brilliant adventure.”
—James D. Witmer, managing editor of Story Warren and author of A Year in the Big Old Garden and The Strange New Dog

Reader Reviews

“A wonderful story with relatable characters who are imperfect but who each have a unique purpose.” —Hannah, age 10

“I loved the characters and the ways they traveled into paintings and between the artist’s works!” —Levi, age 10

“Every word is like a brushstroke that outlines a beautiful story and keeps you yearning for more!”
—Kellen, age 12

“It’s got pictures! Every book about art should.”
—Goodreads Reviewer

“I would definitely use this book in my class of middle graders. I enjoyed that it spoke of art and why artists are compelled to do their art.”
—Goodreads Reviewer

“I keep my eye out for books my children can read that are engaging while also having something of substance to say to them about the lives they lead. I'm definitely having them read this one!”
—Goodreads Reviewer

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Meet the Author

Carolyn Leiloglou

Carolyn Leiloglou

Carolyn Leiloglou is the granddaughter of art collectors, daughter of an art teacher, and homeschooling mom to four wildly creative kids. She’s the award-winning author of Library’s Most Wanted, and her poems and short stories have appeared in children’s magazines around the world. Carolyn also reviews her favorite children’s books through her platform, House full of Bookworms.

Visit these bookstores for a meet-and-greet with Carolyn Leiloglou as she discusses her new middle grade fiction series!

Sep 25 2023 (Mon)
306 Pearl Parkway Suite 106 San Antonio, TX 78215
The Twig
5:30 PM CST
Oct 5 2023 (Thu)
114 East Main Street Franklin, TN 37064
Landmark Booksellers
2:00 PM EDT

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