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The Restorationists: Enter a World Where Wonder and Danger Lurk Within Every Canvas

A fantasy fiction series about the power of art for readers ages 8 to 12. Perfect for family read-alouds.

Beneath the Swirling Sky by Carolyn Leiloglou, Vivienne To

Book 1: Beneath the Swirling Sky

Enter a universe where art is a portal to a new world, with adventure and danger lurking in every canvas. After Vincent’s sister disappears into a painting, he learns his family belongs to a secret society with the power to travel through—and the duty to protect—art. Now, Vincent must rescue Lili and learn the truth about his calling.

Between Flowers and Bones by Carolyn Leiloglou, Vivienne To

Book 2: Between Flowers and Bones

Georgia and her cousin are both training to become Restorationists, but Vincent’s flashier Gift outshines hers. Then Vincent willingly steps into the heart of danger, and Georgia’s parents go missing. Has Georgia got what it takes to rescue her family and the art world and save the ancient society of Restorationists from falling apart for good?

Meet the Author

Carolyn Leiloglou

Carolyn Leiloglou

Carolyn Leiloglou is the granddaughter of art collectors, daughter of an art teacher, and homeschooling mom to four wildly creative kids. She’s the award-winning author of Library’s Most Wanted, and her poems and short stories have appeared in children’s magazines around the world. Carolyn also reviews her favorite children’s books through her platform, House full of Bookworms. Visit her site to learn more and claim your free Restorationists Picture Study Guide.

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