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Banner Reads: Sweet Enough. A Dessert Book. By Alison Roman
Sweet Enough: A Baking Book by Alison Roman

desserts for people
who don't do dessert

Banner reads: about the book

This book is not like my other books. Sadly, this book will not help you put dinner on the table, but it will bring you joy, as this book is a dessert book, a baking book. Or, more accurately, a dessert book that has savory recipes (there’s at least one anchovy appearance, and of course, dill was invited). Or, a baking book that has no-bake recipes (I love pudding and it never goes in the oven).

I like to say that this is a dessert book for people who don’t do desserts– you know the type. The ones who say they don’t want any dessert but eat half the key lime pie when it shows up (me, I am describing me). The “I can roast a chicken but I can’t bake” people, the “I just want one really solid recipe for a chocolate cake that doesn’t require any equipment or skill but otherwise might never bake anything else again” people.

It’s a book where most recipes fit on one page and if you don’t own an electric mixer, you can still make most things inside. Just like my other books, I made everything you see on the pages– no food styling, no photo-ready anything, just imperfect, slightly “rustic” (messy?) desserts that will hopefully mirror the delightful quirkiness of whatever comes out of your own kitchen.

If you bake once a year, if you bake every weekend, if you will never bake but simply love gorgeous photography and essays about fruit-- this book is for you.

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meet me (IRL)

monday, march 27, 2023: NYC
In conversation with Aminatou Sow at
First Unitarian Congregational Society. Presented by Books Are Magic - SOLD OUT - Join the waitlist HERE

thursday, march 30, 2023: Washington, DC
In conversation with Abby Phillip at Sixth & I. Presented by Sixth & I -
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sunday, april 2, 2023: San Francisco, CA
In conversation at JCCSF. Presented by JCCSF in partnership with Omnivore Books - SOLD OUT

monday, april 3, 2023: Seattle, WA
In conversation with Frankie Gaw at the Egyptian Theatre. Presented by Book Larder -

tuesday, april 4, 2023: Portland, OR
Presented by Powell's at Powell's Cedar Hills Crossing Store -
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- Not ticketed. Entry will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.

wednesday, april 5, 2023: Los Angeles, CA
Presented by Skylight Books at Barnsdall -

tuesday, april 11, 2023: Chicago, IL
In conversation with Samantha Irby at Everybody's Coffee. Presented by Book Cellar -

Banner reads: home movies

We've got a Home Movies series that’s… Sweet Enough! EVERY TUESDAY for the next five weeks, I’ll be here (on the internet!) giving you a sneak peek into Sweet Enough.
Tune in for hilarity, education, friendship, doable desserts, and everything you need to know about Sweet Enough.

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