Romance Reads
You'll Swoon Over

Meant to Be

Emily Giffin

Book Lovers

Emily Henry

The Cheat Sheet

Sarah Adams

Not Exactly What I Had in Mind

Kate Brook

A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting

Sophie Irwin

The Lifestyle

Taylor Hahn

The Dead Romantics

Ashley Poston

How to Fake It in Hollywood

Ava Wilder

The Romantic Agenda

Claire Kann

The Setup

Lizzy Dent

The Love of My Life

Rosie Walsh

Queerly Beloved

Susie Dumond

Funny You Should Ask

Elissa Sussman

What Remains True

Nancy Naigle

Every Summer After

Carley Fortune

Love & Saffron

Kim Fay

Lore Olympus: Volume Two

Rachel Smythe

The Best Is Yet to Come

Debbie Macomber

Ramón and Julieta

Alana Quintana Albertson

Aphrodite and the Duke

J.J. McAvoy

The Proposition

Madeleine Roux

With Love from Wish & Co.

Minnie Darke

The Heart of the Deal

Lindsay MacMillan

Lease on Love

Falon Ballard

Romantic Listens

Rom-Com Audiobooks to Swoon By.

Under One Roof

Ali Hazelwood, Emma Wilder

The Love Connection

Denise Williams, January LaVoy, Shane East

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