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Welcome to Pengiun Young Readers Emerging Voices & Visions Program

About Emerging Voices & Visions

Emerging Voices and Visions programs are FREE annual events hosted online by Penguin Young Readers' editors and art directors, designed by industry professionals for unpublished and early career writers and artists from historically marginalized communities, including Black, Indigenous, people of color, AA and NHPI, Latinx, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent creators, and creators with disabilities.

Our goal with this programming is to foster a more equitable, inclusive, and accessible publishing landscape by helping to demystify the publishing process.

Emerging Voices events cater towards writers.

Emerging Visions events cater towards artists.

Fall 2023 Young Adult Webinar

A recording of the Emerging Voices & Visions Fall 2023 Young Adult webinar hosted November 30, 3023, featuring four of Penguin Young Readers YA editors.

For privacy purposes, only the main session and Q+A are available. The breakout sessions were NOT recorded.


What is the Emerging Voices & Visions Program at Penguin Young Readers?

This program, specific to Penguin Young Readers, a division of Penguin Random House, LLC, was born from the belief that bookshelves need to be equitable spaces, with books by creators and for readers who more accurately represent the diversity of experience in our world.

We are a team of volunteer editors (Emerging Voices) and art directors (Emerging Visions) who believe information about book publication should be accessible, easy to find, and at no cost. We strive to provide a pathway to publication by creating a space that helps creators develop an understanding about the process of book publication. 

How much does it cost to attend a webinar?

The Emerging Voices & Visions program is committed to offering FREE and accessible events, in perpetuity. There is NO COST to attend, NO COST to submit, NO COST ever

Who is this programming designed for?

Our programming is meant to help level the playing field and so we ask that anyone who registers identifies as someone from a marginalized community. 

How do I submit a manuscript to an editor at Penguin?

Attendees of our annual events will be provided specific instructions about how and to whom they can submit their projects. 

It’s been months and I haven’t heard back from the editor about my manuscript. What’s going on?

It can be excruciating to hear back about a manuscript. Please keep in mind that the editors and art directors panelists have volunteered their time and are working as diligently as they can on top of extremely full workloads so we ask for as much patience and grace as possible. They are all doing their best. Please feel free to gently nudge the editor via email if you have not heard a response within the time frame provided in the submission guidelines provided during the event.

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