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PYR Thematic Booklists

To help you discover, curate, and plan, we’ve created thematic booklists for readers grades PreK-12. These interactive booklists allow you to download the PDF, click the book covers to find out more about each book along with any available educator and library resources.

Click the links below to download and explore.

Poetry Booklist

Poetry Month may be in April, but these poetry books are great year-round!

Asian & Asian American Voices

Celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month with our booklist featuring books by Asian and Asian American creators.

Arab & Arab American Voices

Celebrate Arab American Heritage Month with our booklist featuring books by Arab and Arab American creators.

Earth Day & Climate Change

Earth Day and Climate Change aren’t just for the Spring. These reads about the environment work all year round.

Underexamined Narratives

Explore often untold stories from American History.

Black Voices

Celebrate Black History, Excellence, and Joy featuring books by Black authors and illustrators.

Rom Coms

Looking to add some love to your shelves? These swoony reads are great for your teen readers.

Women's History Month

Celebrate Women and Women’s History year round with our Women’s History Month booklist!

Native & Indigenous Voices

Get ready to celebrate Native American Heritage Month with books from Native American authors and illustrators.

Graphic Novels

Discover all the Penguin Graphics books with our Penguin Graphic Novel Catalog!

Latinx & Hispanic Voices

Celebrate Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month with books by Latinx and Hispanic authors and illustrators.

Antibullying Booklist

Discover books to built empathy and community for National Bullying Prevention Month.

Thriller/Horror Booklist

Looking for something spooky? Get your fix of mystery, thrills, and chills all year-round!

Read With Pride

Read with Pride booklist features books by and about LGBTQIA+ characters and figures.

BTS New School Year, New Books

Get ready for Back to School with these new books for any grade.

BTS Picture Books

Get Ready for Back to School with Picture Books.

BTS Read Alouds

Get ready for Back to School with read alouds for any grade.

Middle School Reads

Discover 50+ books that are great middle school reads from novels in verse to graphic novels to nonfiction!

Antiracist Read Vol. 1

A curated book list that explores multifaceted identities of People of Color and provides context and calls for action. Volume 1

Antiracist Reading Vol. 2

A curated book list that explores multifaceted identities of People of Color and provides context and calls for action. Volume 2

Disability Pride Month

Schneider award-winning books that embody an artistic expression of the disability experience for children and teens.

Mental Health

Help young readers understand and combat mental health stigma with these reads for grades K-12.

Jewish American Heritage Month

Books that have been honored for children and teens that authentically portray the Jewish experience.

Short Stories & Anthologies

Short story collections and anthologies for your class or library.

Refugee Stories Booklist

Powerful stories highlighting the different experiences and the common themes of the refugee experience for young readers.

Picture Book Biographies

Share history, historical figures, and inspiring examples of people who beat the odds with your youngest readers.

Historical Fiction Booklist

Go back in time with our Historical Fiction booklist featuring middle grade and YA!

Election & Government

Books to help young readers learn about elections and our government.

Check out our book buzzes across themes, categories, and more!

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