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Magic Tree House Home Adventures


Get ready for adventure! Travel back to ancient lands, meet some of history’s greatest legends and heroes, and hone your inner-artist as you create your own adventure with Jack and Annie!

Magic Tree House Home Adventures feature storytime videos with Mary Pope Osborne, craft ideas, drawing lessons, themed recipes, trivia challenges, and more! 

Download the below series guide and passport to get started.



Travel back to Ancient Lands with Jack and Annie this week!

Read & Explore: Ancient Lands

Week 1: May 16–24

This week, journey back to the past with Jack and Annie! Will they be able to make it back to the tree house without running into a hungry T-rex? What happens when they arrive in the Ice Age in only their bathing suits? Will they be able to save a library before a volcano erupts?

Read and explore these adventures in ancient lands with Jack and Annie!

Dinosaurs Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca

Dinosaurs Before Dark

Sunset of the Sabertooth by Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca

Sunset of the Sabertooth

Vacation Under the Volcano by Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca

Vacation Under the Volcano

Storytime with Mary Pope Osborne

Settle in for a story! Join Mary Pope Osborne on an adventure with Jack and Annie back to ancient Rome as she reads aloud from Vacation Under the Volcano.

activity Center

✔️ KIDS' ACTIVITY booklet
INSIDE THE TREEHOUSE – A magazine for Magic Tree House fans!
✔️ TRIVIA BOOKLET – What have you learned? Test your knowledge with this trivia game!
✔️ Audio Adventures – Listen to clips of your favorite ancient tales!

Ancient Lands adventure Spotlight

erupting volcano craft

Jack and Annie learn about how volcanoes erupt in Vacation Under the Volcano. Now it’s your turn to learn and you can start with this craft!

Puffed rice dinosaur eggs

A recipe from Jack and Annie’s magic tree house to your house! You deserve a tasty treat after all your adventures this week! Create these puffed rice cereal dinosaur eggs inspired by Dinosaurs Before Dark.

Looking for more crafts and recipes? Download this week’s activity booklet!

Trivia Challenge

Show off everything you learned about ancient lands this week with a GAME OF TRIVIA!

1. What do scientists call the continent where the dinosaurs lived?
A. Jurassic World
B. Pangea
C. Laurasia
D. Dinoland

2. How long were Sabretooths’ canine teeth?
A. 5 inches
B. 7 inches
C. 9 inches
D. 11 inches 

3. How did the ancient Romans get water?
A. A river in the city
B. Aqueducts
C. Wells
D. Nearby creeks

Click here to find out if you're right!

Want more trivia? Download the entire Ancient Lands trivia packet below.

You can also look for more questions for your trivia games with these Fact Trackers!

Sabertooths and the Ice Age by Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce, Sal Murdocca

Sabertooths and the Ice Age

Ancient Rome and Pompeii by Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce, Sal Murdocca

Ancient Rome and Pompeii

Storytime with Mary Pope Osborne

Finish your week with a storytime! Join author Mary Pope Osborne on an adventure with Jack and Annie back to the prehistoric past as she reads aloud from Dinosaurs Before Dark!


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Classroom Adventures Program

To give back to teachers, Mary Pope Osborne created the Classroom Adventures Program, which provides free downloadable resources, including lesson plans for every book and nonfiction Fact Tracker in the series.

Adventure Archive

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Magic Tree House Reading Adventures Graphic Novel

Magic Tree House Graphic Novels

Live the adventure again with new full-color vibrant art that brings the magic to life. The first two Magic Tree House adventures are now graphic novels!

Answers to Mary's trivia questions: 1. C, 2: C, 3: B B
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