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Hello from KDPG!

At the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group we are passionate about connecting readers with great books, and we hope that this page will help us work more closely with some of our most passionate readers out there: Bookstagrammers!

Please use this page to find out more from Knopf, Pantheon, Doubleday, Vintage, and Anchor about how we work with Bookstagrammers and how you can join our Influencer Newsletter.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an ARC?

This stands for Advance Readers Copy. These are bound copies of proofs that substantially reflect the finished book but are minus proofreaders' corrections and final text revisions from the author. They are circulated to generate pre-publication buzz and are not for resale. The terms "ARC" and "galley" are used interchangeably.

Who uses ARCs?

The purpose of an ARC is to help publishers promote the book before finished copies are available. In addition to social media managers, ARCs are distributed as well by editorial, sales, booksellers, library marketing, academic marketing, publicity and marketing teams.

How has COVID-19 impacted the printing and shipping of ARCs?

Due to COVID-19 we are currently limiting our printing and shipping of ARCs. This measure has been put in place for the safety of our printer and warehouse employees so they can maintain social distancing during the pandemic while prioritizing the printing and shipping of our finished copies to our retailers and readers.

At this time, we are primarily sending eGalleys instead of ARCs. For a full look at our available digital review copies, please visit us on NetGalley:

Doubleday // Knopf

Please note, if you are unable to read digital copies due to health-related issues, please contact us directly:

Knopf // Pantheon // Doubleday // Vintage & Anchor

What is KDPG looking for in a Bookstagram account?


We look at your followers and the likes and comments on your posts, as well as at how you engage with those followers: Do you reply to comments? Do you engage with other content creators, followers, and publishers? Do you post video, polls, etc. to engage with your followers?

Content and Consistency

We look at the content you feature and how regularly you post. We look for strong reviewers who give special attention to what they read. We love a perspective that is unique to you, and we want to see how your audience goes to you, specifically, to learn about what you are reading.

We also love creativity! We look to see Bookstagrammers trying new things, including on their Instagram stories and via Instagram Lives.


We look at how you are curating your content: Does your style of posting speak to the books you read and vice versa?

We also appreciate it when you have a strong aesthetic that is unique to you and your platform. When we look at a post, we want to be able to say, “Oh! @_____ totally took this picture.”


We look to see if you support authors from marginalized and/or under-represented groups, including a variety of genders and races. Do you seek out books from voices and about voices dissimilar from your own?

KDPG Posts

We look at how you’ve posted KDPG books in the past. Do you read our books? Do you have a particular interest in one of our authors? Have we sent you books and did you post about them? Do you feature the books by themselves or as part of book stacks? We love book stacks just as much as the next person, but we prefer to regram and amplify photos and posts of our titles. 

I'm getting a book! Now what?

We hope you enjoy the free book and that you'll like it enough to want to post about it, but we do not require you to post about it if you don't want to. Currently KDPG offers only unpaid Bookstagram promotions.

If you do decide to post, please use one of these three disclosure options. Make sure that it's visible above the expand:

  • THANK YOU Please note free book: "Thanks for the free book" and tag the imprint.

  • PARTNER Tag the imprint and use the imprint's Partner hashtag: #AAKnopfPartner, #DoubledayBooksPartner, or #VintageAnchorPartner.

  • HASHTAG #sponsored

How do I request a book from KDPG?

Sign up for our KDPG Influencer Newsletter. This is the best way to find out about books and ARCs that are available to reviewers.

If you don't see a book in our monthly newsletter that you'd like to request, you can email us:

Knopf // Pantheon // Doubleday* // Vintage & Anchor

When you email us, please make sure to include:

  • Which book you're interested in

  • A link to where you post about books (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

  • How many followers you have and what type of engagement you typically receive

  • The best mailing address to send you a copy of the book

  • Bonus: links to any other books you've posted from us in the past!

*Please check Doubleday's Influencer Program before reaching out via email.

Please note: We will do our best to respond to every email, but due to bandwidth constraints we cannot guarantee that you will hear back from us. Please allow 3 weeks for a response. If you do not hear back within that time, unfortunately we are unable to process your request and we encourage you to reach out again about future titles.

Sample pitch email:

My name is X and I'm writing to request a copy of [BOOK TITLE].

I am an Influencer on [PLATFORM]. You can find my other book posts here: [INSERT LINK] where I have X followers and typically get X likes/comments.

I've enjoyed reading your books in the past, here are a few of my favorites:


Should you decide to send me a copy, please ship it to:


I'm an International bookstagrammer, can I still request a review copy?

Knopf, Doubleday, and Vintage & Anchor are US based publishers, so we are only able to provide copies to Bookstagrammers within the US. If you are located internationally, we recommend you first check with your local publisher. You can also reach out to to check on the rights restrictions and availability of review copies on a title-by-title basis.

Can I identify myself as part of a marginalized group for the KDPG influencer newsletter?

We take issues of privacy very seriously, so we do not collect data on identity and diversity as part of our KDPG Influencer Newsletter. Each imprint and team manages our ARC distribution differently and will utilize the database for outreach separately for their titles and promotions. Learn more about how Knopf, Doubleday, and Vintage and Anchor work with Bookstagrammers below and review our Privacy Policy for more information.

Who is KDPG?

The Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group (or KDPG) is made up of Knopf, Doubleday, Vintage, Anchor, Schocken, Pantheon, Vintage Español, Black Lizard, and Everyman's Library.

Each of our teams operates a little differently. Here's more about how each of our imprints works with Bookstagrammers:

KnopF & Pantheon

Our social media, publicity, and marketing teams manage the campaigns for a wide array of titles on the Knopf and Pantheon lists. Be it literary fiction, genre fiction, nonfiction, short stories, anthologies, cookbooks, poetry, graphic novels, or any of the other multitudes of books we publish, Knopf and Pantheon craft each book campaign individually, which includes our outreach to Bookstagrammers.

How can I request Knopf and Pantheon books?

Email! We encourage anyone who in interested in one of our titles to reach out via email so we can connect you to the correct marketer or publicists about available quantities. Email us at and

How does Knopf and Pantheon manage ARCs for Bookstagrammers?

Our social manager, Matthew, as well as individual title marketers handle Bookstagram outreach. Knopf and Pantheon publish a multitude of titles each year, and we approach each title differently. Never hesitate to contact us about specific titles that interest you. Either Matthew will be able to assist or he will connect you with the title marketer responsible for the book in question.

Due to COVID-19 procedural and mailing restrictions, KDPG is producing a limited number of ARCs, so we are mainly using e-galleys for people interested in reviewing titles. Closer to publication, finished copies may be available to send.

Where can I see a catalog of Knopf and Pantheon books?

Visit us online and follow us on social media to learn more about new and upcoming titles from Knopf:

Knopf & Pantheon


The Doubleday team publishes a wide range of genres we really have a book for everyone! We cover sports, biographies, mysteries, thrillers, both commercial and literary fiction, nonfiction, and everything in between. Every book is different, so each of our campaigns is different as well.

While Doubleday does publish nonfiction, our Bookstagram outreach focuses mainly on our fiction titles. From literary to commercial fiction, we are always looking to find a variety of unique readers.

How can I request Doubleday books?

Through our Influencer program! Check it out HERE. You can also email us at if you have any questions.

How does Doubleday manage ARCs for Influencers?

Our social media manager, Erin, handles our Influencer outreach. She takes follower count, engagement rate, story content, and general aesthetic into consideration. From there, if the author or the protagonist is from a marginalized community, she will prioritize readers who identify with that community first, and then open it up to more Influencers.

At this time, KDPG is producing a limited number of ARCs, so we are mainly using e-galleys to create excitement over a title. Check our Doubleday Influencer Program for more information.

Where can I see a catalog of Doubleday books?

Visit us online and follow us on social media to learn more about new and upcoming titles from Doubleday:


Vintage & Anchor

Vintage Books and Anchor Books are exclusively paperback imprints. Hardcovers titles from Knopf, Doubleday, and Pantheon are subsequently published in trade paperback approximately a year after original publication under either the Vintage or Anchor logo. Additionally, we publish paperback originals under both the Vintage and Anchor imprints, as well as reintroduce classics under the Vintage Classics banner. All these publishing programs are overseen by one team. Because we feel strongly that an older book is always new if you haven't yet read it, we think paperbacks can be the perfect way to encounter amazing books!

How can I request Vintage and Anchor books?

We have a new Bookstagram program coming soon! In the meantime, you can email us at

How does Vintage and Anchor manage ARCs for Bookstagrammers?

One of our marketers, Annie, handles Bookstagrammer outreach for Vintage Books and Anchor Books. Because we are paperback only imprints, our timing and type of outreach can vary from that of our hardcover teams. We produce physical ARCs for only some paperback originals. Our outreach typically entails sending finished copies of paperback originals, paperback reprints, and new Vintage Classics editions.

Where can I see a catalog of Vintage and Anchor books?

Visit us online and follow us on social media to learn more about new and upcoming titles from Vintage Books and Anchor Books:

Vintage & Anchor

Have more questions?

Please reach out! We'll try to answer whatever questions you have via email:

Knopf // Pantheon // Doubleday // Vintage & Anchor

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