Good News, Planet Earth

Sam Bentley

Sustainability enthusiast and climate activist Sam Bentley shares details on the hopeful developments combating the effects of climate change, while giving readers actionable steps to help play their part.

If you feel like climate change and the state of our planet just keeps getting worse and there’s nothing we can do to stop it then you’ve picked up the right book–because tons of efforts are already underway to save our planet, and we’d love for you to join the fight.

Good News, Planet Earth is your go-to guide to learn about all the amazing sustainable developments that are being put in place worldwide to combat warming temperatures, pollution, deforestation, the use of wasteful products, and threats to our diverse wildlife. 

Sustainability enthusiast Sam Bentley takes you on a journey around the world to teach you about everything from the net-free zone established in the Great Barrier Reef, a road that charges electric vehicles while they drive in Detroit, and the opening of carbon capturing plants in Europe that suck CO2 out of the air and store it safely underground.

Good News, Planet Earth includes:

  • 25 categories covering topics like recycling, energy use, and food consumption

  • 100 actionable steps you can take to fight climate change and live more sustainably

Whether you’re seeking an uplifting and hopeful climate action book for yourself, or the perfect gift for the environmentally conscious person in your life, Good News, Planet Earth is the small but mighty book that might just help save the world.

About the Author

Sam Bentley

Sam Bentley is a popular influencer in the climate action space who has amassed a highly engaged fan base of over 1.6M followers across his channels. He posts fascinating videos that share good news about recent developments in the fight against climate change and discusses what people are doing to build a more environmentally conscious world.

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