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Flex Your Age by Joan MacDonald

Flex Your Age

Joan MacDonald

How did Joan do that? Now you can find out!

Just a few years ago, this septuagenarian wasn’t happy with how she looked and what she ate. With help from her daughter, Michelle (a certified strength and conditioning specialist), Joan developed exercise and diet goals as well as objectives for how to change her mindset—not just how she saw herself physically but how she felt about herself mentally regardless of her physical fitness or her age.

Change is intimidating, but this book will help you learn what you’re capable of—and how to enrich yourself no matter at what stage in life you are. Everything you need to get started—and to stay dedicated to a new path—is inside this book. With Joan and Michelle by your side, you'll discover how to make changes for today, changes for tomorrow, and changes for the remainder of your life—long may you live.

About the Author

Joan MacDonald

Joan MacDonald (@trainwithjoan) is a 75-year-old Instagram fitness influencer who’s undergone a remarkable change in the last five years. She was on medication for high blood pressure and acid reflux; she had terrible edema in her ankles; her arthritis was extremely painful; and she had difficulty walking up and down stairs. Joan knew that if she continued on an unhealthy path that it might mean more health issues and more medications—and probably force her to move into a nursing home. But with the help of her daughter, Michelle, and The Wonder Women community, Joan was able to do much more than change her journey—she was able to help others on theirs.

Michelle MacDonald (@yourhealthyhedonista) has been coaching women since 2012, beginning with athletes getting ready for competition on the natural bodybuilding stage. She also started coaching women who wanted to have a major lifestyle change, working with them in what she terms “transformation groups.” These groups became so successful that Michelle couldn’t keep up with the demand and created a team of coaches for a program called The Wonder Women, which focuses on women’s health and fitness. Michelle’s most successful client is, of course, her mom, Joan.

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