Dutton and Plume Influencer Program FAQ

Dutton and Plume are proud to partner with the bookstagram community and we appreciate your interest in working with us! Our bookstagram ambassador program is open to US residents only. Once enrolled, on a bi-monthly basis, you’ll receive an email with a list of our current and upcoming titles, and you can select the top three books you are interested in receiving. We will then send you e-galleys of your three selections. If you are interested in applying to join our program, please email duttonpublicity@penguinrandomhouse.com.


In addition to our ambassador program, Dutton and Plume also partner with bookstagrammers on a title-by-title basis, often reaching out to bookstagrammers who might be interested in a particular book. If you are not part of our ambassador program, but you have an interest in one of our titles, please send an email to duttonpublicity@penguinrandomhouse.com noting the book’s title in your subject line. When sending individual requests, the more you share about your interest in the title, the more we get to know you as a reader!


Dutton and Plume do not work with paid campaigns for our books at this time.

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