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Clean & Delicious

Dani Spies

Eat clean and healthy with over 100 delicious, whole-ingredient recipes from clean eating influencer Dani Spies.

Eating clean can be challenging, which is why so many people are huge fans of Dani Spies and the Clean & Delicious YouTube channel and website. In Clean & Delicious, Dani simplifies clean eating and shows beginner and experienced readers how to use whole, clean ingredients and sensible kitchen know-how to make incredible recipes that not only taste amazing, but will help support their health, wellness, and weight loss goals.

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • OVER 100 AMAZING RECIPES With recipes for clean breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sides, desserts, and more.

  • CLEAN EATING BASICS: Pantry, fridge, and freezer staples with plenty of simple tips and meal ideas to support your heallth, wellness, and weight goals.

  • HELPFUL GUIDANCE: Tips and guidance for eating and cooking clean, while developing a healthy, diet-free mindset; focusing on quality over calories.

  • BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHY: Clean, bright photography and high-quality hardcover binding. 

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About the Author

Dani Spies

Dani Spies is a mom, food blogger, Holistic Health Counselor (HHC), and Weight Loss coach, and the founder of the Clean & Delicious website and Clean & Delicious YouTube channel where she teaches her community how to cook and enjoy simple, delicious, nutritious foods that naturally support their health and weight loss goals. In addition to her practical, easy approach to healthy cooking and eating, Dani coaches her followers on the mental and emotional aspects of healthy eating and cooking so they can reach their personal wellness and weight loss goals without constantly being on the diet rollercoaster. Her mission is to help her followers eat better, cook more, and relax into their journey of health, wellness, and weight loss, without the need to count calories or obsess over every meal.

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