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Welcome back, campers!

Camp DK is a summerlong newsletter series packed with weekly reading recommendations and fun, screen-free activities kids can enjoy at home or on the road.

To join in on the fun, click the link below and print out a copy of our camp map and merit badge list. Kids can cut and paste each week’s merit badge to their map after completing that week’s activity or reading one of our recommended titles. By the end, they’ll have a colorful reminder of personal achievements from throughout the summer!

An image of DK's downloadable camp badge sheet

Download your merit badges and camp map to get started

Week 7: Activism

For week seven of Camp DK, we’re exploring books that will inspire kids to find their voice and discover what they are passionate about. Activism is about building a better future by raising awareness of today’s issues, and with just a little help from grown-ups, kids can lead the way.

An image of the first page in DK's How to Make a Better World Activity Pack

How to Make a Better World Activity Pack

Learn new ways to be a good friend and how to craft punchy flyers and posters for protests and events.

Week 8: Coming Soon!

Next week's Camp DK unit will be our last for the year, but don’t worry—we’re going out in style! Kids can flex their creative muscles, learn about drawing and design, and get an inside look at the art world. Download your camp map today and get ready to be inspired!

In the meantime, you can catch up on past weeks' activities and reading lists below. Check back shortly for updates.

Week 6: Explore the Outdoors

Welcome to week six of Camp DK, when we head outside to soak up some sun and discover new learning opportunities. Outdoor exploration is perfect for keeping kids’ minds and bodies active, whether they are honing a new survival skill, conducting a science experiment, or setting off on a nature hunt.

The Nature Adventure Book by DK

The Nature Adventure Book

With over 40 crafts and games to discover, this activity book for readers ages 5 to 7 offers a fun, hands-on approach to getting kids outside and exploring all year round.

From building a twig raft to creating nature-inspired art, children will love discovering the many possibilities right outside their door. This book is the perfect read for adventurous kids who love being outdoors and for parents looking for creative outdoor projects and an escape from digital entertainment.

Cover image from DK's Outdoor Discovery Starter Pack

Outdoor Discovery Starter Pack

Go on a nature hunt, create leaf creatures from found materials, and learn how to be more mindful and present when visiting a park or the woods.

Week 5: All About Animals

It’s week five of Camp DK, and things have gotten a little wild! We’ve gathered our top books that bring kids up close and personal with their favorite animals, from lions and frogs to horses and snakes. Whether setting off on safari this summer or sticking closer to home, young readers will enjoy unlocking the secrets of the animal kingdom with these books as their key.

An image of a page from DK's downloadable activity pack with content from Behind the Scenes at the Zoo

Zoo & Aquarium Careers Pack

Learn about some of the essential roles required to keep these institutions running at their best, like zookeepers, veterinarians, and wildlife biologists.

For the Grown-ups

Zoology by DK, Smithsonian Institution


Filled with specially commissioned photographs that cannot be seen anywhere else and written in association with the Smithsonian Institution, this visual reference book starts with the question "what is an animal?" and takes you through the entire animal kingdom—mammals, reptiles, birds, and sea creatures.

Using a unique head-to-toe approach, the book showcases the spectacular details that make each animal special, from the flight feathers of a parrot to the tentacles of coral, allowing you to view these amazing creatures in all their glory.

Week 4: Science & Nature — In the Sky

In week four of Camp DK, we’re taking summer learning to new heights with books about birds, weather, stargazing, and other wonders of the sky. Not only will kids learn the science behind these compelling subjects, but they’ll be left with a deeper appreciation for the world above their heads.

An image of one of the pages available in DK's downloadable "Nighttime Discovery Starter Pack"

Nighttime Discovery Starter Pack

Study the basics of stargazing, learn how lunar phases work, and practice spotting nearby planets with the naked eye.

For the Grown-ups

AMNH Birds of North America Eastern by DK

AMNH Birds of North America Eastern

AMNH Birds of North America Western by DK

AMNH Birds of North America Western

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden by Dan Rouse

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Week 3: US National Parks

We’re inviting kids to pack their (virtual) bags for week three of Camp DK and visit all 63 US national parks to uncover what makes each of them special. They won’t need to spend hours in the car or waiting in line at these popular summer destinations; with Camp DK, the park gates are always open.

The National Parks by DK

The National Parks

From the giant redwoods of Sequoia to the geysers of Yellowstone, this educational book is a fun, child-friendly guide to the national parks, highlighting the diverse beauty and wonder of the USA's most beautiful natural spaces.

Bright eye-catching photographs and illustrations are paired with easy-to-read text to convey all manner of fun nature facts, park travel tips, and advice for keeping these habitats clean during visits.

Sticker Encyclopedia National Parks by DK

Sticker Encyclopedia National Parks

With more than 600 reusable stickers and a fantastic selection of facts, this spectacular, super-sized sticker book will keep kids entertained for hours. 

Young readers will love learning about the wildlife and geography of many of the largest and most popular US national parks through fun facts, real-life photos, and of course, lots and lots of stickers!

An image of DK's downloadable US National Parks checklist and map

National Parks Checklist

Kids can use this map and checklist to keep track of their adventures, recording memorable experiences with friends and family or making plans for future trips.

For the Grown-ups

DK Eyewitness Southwest USA and National Parks by DK Eyewitness

DK Eyewitness Southwest USA and National Parks

Week 2: Science & Nature — On the Ground

For week two of Camp DK we’re digging into the wealth of life both atop and below our planet’s surface. From fabulous fungi to bizarre bugs, there is plenty for kids to discover right outside their doors, or wherever summer takes them.

Under Your Feet... Soil, Sand and Everything Underground by Royal Horticultural Society, Wenjia Tang

Under Your Feet... Soil, Sand and Everything Underground

Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds by DK, Smithsonian Institution

Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds

The Magic and Mystery of Trees by Jen Green, Claire McElfatrick

The Magic and Mystery of Trees

My Book of Rocks and Minerals by Devin Dennie

My Book of Rocks and Minerals

An image of the the quiz page from DK's downloadable activity pack for The Book of Brilliant Bugs

The Book of Brilliant Bugs Activity Pack

Includes a bug quiz, a creepy-crawly crossword puzzle, and instructions for building a bug hotel

For the Grown-ups

Week 1: Summer Road Trip

We’re starting off with some virtual sightseeing across the US with our top reads for little travelers. Each of these books makes a great travel companion, whether you plan to peruse them from the car or the couch.

50 States Activity Book by DK

50 States Activity Book

Packed with more than 100 stickers, this activity book for kids ages 7 to 9 spotlights what makes each state special, sharing key facts about its symbols, culture, and history. Skill-building activities including math practice and reading comprehension skill checks are interspersed throughout the book, and readers will also get the chance to answer state quiz questions, stop at famous monuments, explore spectacular national parks, and glimpse unique wildlife.

An image of DK's downloadable Little Cities activity sheet

Little Cities Activity Sheet

Features a matching activity and a drawing prompt to help little ones discover the world around them

For the Grown-ups

DK Eyewitness New York City Mini Map and Guide by DK Eyewitness

DK Eyewitness New York City Mini Map and Guide

DK Eyewitness Top 10 Seattle by DK Eyewitness

DK Eyewitness Top 10 Seattle

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