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Thanks for joining us, campers!

As fast as we turn those book pages, our calendars always seem to outpace us. That said, we hope readers of all ages have had a chance to soak up some summer reading these past couple of months.

For our LAST week of Camp DK, we thought it appropriate to feature a book with strong life lessons that will stick with readers well into the school year. From British adventurer Bear Grylls comes You vs the World, his first non-fiction book for children, and an extraordinary guide to finding confidence and bouncing back from failure.

Catching up on Camp DK? Join in on the fun by browsing the site and downloading a copy of our Camp DK Reading Journal. As kids make their way through our summer reading list, they can write down their thoughts on each book. By the end, they’ll have a powerful reminder of personal achievements from throughout the summer! (Be sure to share your family’s Camp DK adventures with us on Instagram with #CampDK!)

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Each week during Camp DK, we dove into a different book and topic, from navigating the frozen tundra to charting a course through young adulthood. Click any of the covers below to learn more about the books.

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