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Eyewitness National Parks
Eyewitness National Parks by DK

Eyewitness National Parks

Packed with stunning photography, Eyewitness National Parks explores the history of all 63 US National Parks, and their countless treasures. 

Become an eyewitness to every US National Park in this picture-led reference guide that will take you on a visual tour of around 35 percent of the country’s land. Through this book, explorers ages 9–12 years old can visit each National Park – from the icy windswept ranges of Wrangell-St Elias in Alaska to the sandy plains of Death Valley, the coral reefs of American Samoa, and the vast mangroves of the Everglades.

Discussion Questions:

(1.) Many national parks are home to unique geological formations. One example of this would be the geysers at Yellowstone National Park. Can you think of another example?

(2.) The book talks about people across the country who are working hard to protect our national parks, and to expand environmental rights in the United States. Can you name one of these people? What makes their story so special?

(3.) No matter which national park you visit, you're bound to encounter an unusual animal or plant species you can't find anywhere else. Talk about a new species you discovered while reading the book!

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