Bilal Bhatti

YouTube and Tiktok star Bilal Bhatti, AKA GoldenGully, teaches you how to cook using your heart and your intuition…no measurements required!

Cooking begins with the senses, and nobody knows this better than Bilal Bhatti. In the spring of 2020, Bilal realized that in order to cook like his mom and his grandma, he’d need to put away the measuring spoons and let his intuition lead the way. He began posting his journey online, and immediately captured the interest of millions of people who grew up understanding this way of cooking. The GoldenGully community has continued to grow steadily since then.

On the surface, Beyond Measure is a book about Pakistani cuisine. But at its heart, this book is for anyone who doesn’t want to cook by the rules and be bound to the constraints of euro-centric recipes. This book will encourage readers to learn flavor and ingredient profiles, learn basic (and some not so basic) cooking techniques, and then make the dishes their own. Like his mother and grandmother, Bilal encourages his followers not to be afraid of “failure” in the kitchen, as the commitment to persistence is core to immigrant home cooking.

About the Author

Bilal Bhatti

Bilal Bhatti is a Toronto-based culinary content producer and social media celebrity. Bilal has accumulated nearly 7.5 million followers and billions of views and impressions across his library of content. He draws his inspiration for recipes from his Pakistani heritage, often including members of his family in his content.

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