Bake it Better

Matt Adlard

Why bake it “good enough” when you can Bake It Better?

In Bake It Better, Instagram and TikTok star Matt Adlard shares his tried-and-true baking approach to help home chefs advance from intermediate-level to master baker—all at their own pace. Each chapter has a dedicated theme, with recipes offering techniques to show you how to elevate your baking from refreshingly refined to extraordinarily elegant.

Each bake comes as a pair, beginning with a delicious “Tier 1” recipe, followed by an elevated “Tier 2” version for when you’re ready to take your skills to the next level. Love making Brioche from scratch? Why not take things up a notch with Brioche Cinnamon Rolls, using a slightly advanced technique? Or try your hand at Triple Chocolate Brownie Fingers once you’ve mastered the recipe for Chocolate Chunk Brownies. 

Bake It Better includes:

  • 70 mouthwatering recipes for cakes, pastries, breads, cookies, ice creams, and more.

  • Techniques for mastering essential skills and deepening your abilities.

  • Expert advice from Matt Adlard on enhancing your expertise and building your confidence as a baker.

Join Matt Adlard on a journey to whatever baking destination you seek—and enjoy the detours along the way!

About the Author

Matt Adlard

Matt Adlard (@mattadlard) is a self-taught baker and pastry chef from Norwich, England. He’s hosted his own Food Network digital series, and been a judge on Food Network for Christmas Cookie Challenge, Chopped Sweets, and Food Network Challenge. He was also most recently a judge for the UK’s BBC Platinum Pudding Competition. Through his Bake It Better online baking school as well as his Instagram and TikTok videos, Matt shares the basics to baking, how to transition to advanced skills, and how to become a pro-level baker. His father, David Adlard, used to own the Michelin-starred Adlard’s Restaurant in Norwich.

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