Avery and TarcherPerigee Influencer Program

Avery & TarcherPerigee's Influencer Program

The Avery & TarcherPerigee Influencer Program is proud to partner with representatives in a variety of communities across the social media space: health and wellness, functional medicine, spirituality, self-improvement, professional development, food, and parenthood.

If you are an avid reader, favor non-fiction, enjoy reviewing books, and have an engaged social platform, we would LOVE to hear from you! Please feel free to submit your application online here.

Once your submission is reviewed and accepted, you will be registered to receive a monthly email from the Avery & TarcherPerigee Influencer Program team. Each month you will have the opportunity to select up to TWO books of your choice from the offered bundle. Selections can be sent via email reply to atpinfluencers@penguinrandomhouse.com. Please feel free to reach out to team ATP via this email address with any other questions, concerns, and/or requests.

Once you receive, read, photograph your book(s), we kindly ask to share on social media, whether it be a shout-out in stories and/or on your feed, a fun giveaway, newsletter inclusion, a Facebook/Instagram LIVE, and/or anything else that feels good to you. Your book mail will be accompanied by a note containing helpful social sharing information (i.e. author handles, hashtags, disclosure language, etc.).

Please Note: We offer both physical and electronic books to all eligible U.S. and Canada residents. Standard shipping is 10-14 days. As for all international residents, only electronic books are available to receive at this time.

We wholeheartedly value and respect all of our supporters and welcome you to apply! We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

Thank you.

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