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An Indigenous family shares their love and appreciation for Earth and its seasons in this four-book series by Potawatomi author, Kaitlin B. Curtice.

Winter's Gifts by Kaitlin B. Curtice, Gloria Félix

Book 1: Winter’s Gifts

Written by Kaitlin B. Curtice
Illustrated by Gloria Félix

Bo honors his indigenous culture in many ways, including taking care of Mother Earth, which he finds is part of what makes summer special.

Summer's Magic by Kaitlin B. Curtice, Eduardo Marticorena

Book 2: Summer’s Magic

Written by Kaitlin B. Curtice
Illustrated by Eduardo Marticorena

Dani teaches her friends about the gifts found in winter’s rest, showing how gratitude can transform the darkest seasons.

About the Author

Kaitlin B. Curtice

Kaitlin B. Curtice is an award-winning Potawatomi author, poet-storyteller, and public speaker. Her work has been featured on CBS and in USA Today. She writes at the Liminality Journal and currently lives in Philadelphia with her family.

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