Agnes and the Sheep by Elle Rowley, Clare Therese Gray

Agnes and the Sheep

Elle Rowley, Clare Therese Gray

A charming but amusing picture book series for children aged 3-5, that follows a Great Dane called Agnes and some sheep who love to cause mischief.

Join Agnes and the sneaky sheep as they finally muster the courage to venture indoors, in this cheeky yet charming children’s story.
When the humans go out for the day, leaving their dog, Agnes, and the sheep alone at the house, the animals decide to take advantage of this opportunity. The sheep had always wondered what it would be like inside that huge, warm home and this was their chance to find out. With the help of Agnes, the sheep set off on their big day out. They explore the lounge, the kitchen, and even the bathroom, but when the humans return home things soon turn to chaos. 
Follow Agnes and her funny, farmyard friends as they head off on an exciting adventure to find out what life is like inside the house. With adorable illustrations, and a cheeky yet charming story, this picture book is sure to put a smile on your child’s face. 
Agnes and the Sheep is a delightful tale that teaches its young readers that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side!

About the Author:

Author Elle Rowley wearing a floral sun dress in an open field picking fruit from a tree.

Photo: © Jackie Wonders Photography

Elle Rowley

Elle Rowley is a writer and founder of the award-winning baby carrier company Solly Baby. She lives in California with her husband and four children on a small, three-acre farm. They share the farm with two dogs, two cats, eight chickens, and a barn that they have turned into a one-room schoolhouse for the community, providing endless entertainment and inspiration for her writing.

Agnes and the Sheep was inspired by Elle's childhood, family, and real-life Great Dane. Classical children’s folktales and fables influenced her writing, as well as parenting style. “As I’ve had my own children, I’ve rediscovered and fallen in love with these stories all over again, all while mourning the difficulty in finding them as I see this kind of traditional storytelling slipping away from the children’s section all together. I felt a call to write stories for my own posterity, but also for other children who may feel like I did, living in a world so confusing and loud that they will find respite and rootedness in these stories.”

About the Illustrator:

Photo of illustrator Clare Therese sitting at her desk

Photo: © Hannah Renaud

Clare Therese Gray

Clare Therese Gray is an illustrator, author, and pattern designer. Her training at the Royal Drawing School instilled a love of drawing from life and she finds inspiration in nature and the changing seasons of her rural surroundings. She lives on a working farm with her husband, three young children, two dogs, and four chickens.

Clare has a passion for lino printing on paper and fabric, and loves spending time in galleries drawing ceramics and paintings. Otherwise she can often be found enjoying the English countryside with her family, growing and collecting flowers to dry and, of course, drawing and painting every single day.

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